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How To Create a Paradise: 35 Backyard Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas



Backyard covered outdoor kitchens have surged in popularity as more homeowners seek to expand their living spaces outdoors. These kitchens combine the conveniences of indoor amenities with the beauty and fresh air of the outdoors. Whether hosting a backyard barbecue or enjoying a quiet dinner under the stars, a covered outdoor kitchen offers a versatile setting for both entertaining and everyday meals.

Durability, aesthetics, and utility are central to the design of these spaces. Covered kitchens protect appliances and furniture from the elements while offering a stylish extension of the home that increases property value. From the rugged elegance of rustic themes to the sleek lines of modern designs, this article explores a broad range of styles that cater to various tastes and backyard landscapes.

II. Design Ideas of Backyard Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen with cedar patio cover

When designing an outdoor kitchen, selecting the right materials is crucial for both functionality and style. Stone, wood, and granite stand out as popular choices, each bringing its unique strengths to the table:

  • Stone is prized for its natural beauty and durability, able to withstand harsh weather conditions while offering a classic look.
  • Wood adds warmth and versatility, available in numerous finishes to match any decor style. It requires some maintenance to keep it looking great year-round.
  • Granite, a luxury material, is favored for its resistance to heat and scratches, providing a robust surface for meal preparation and dining.

These materials are not only selected for their practical benefits but also for their ability to create a cohesive aesthetic that complements the home and its surroundings. Let’s explore 35 specific backyard covered outdoor kitchen design ideas that incorporate these materials creatively and effectively.

III. Backyard Covered Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

We will showcase a variety of design ideas that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal to create perfect outdoor cooking and dining areas.

1. Backyard Patio Style Outdoor Kitchen

A classic backyard patio style outdoor kitchen design

This classic design seamlessly integrates a kitchen with a traditional backyard patio. It utilizes natural elements like stone and wood to create a harmonious space that feels like an extension of the home. Ideal for those who enjoy traditional aesthetics with modern functionality, this setup will make that everything you need is at hand while you cook in the beauty of your backyard.

2. Coastal Outdoor Kitchen & Patio Style

Coastal Outdoor Kitchen & Patio Style

Perfect for homes by the sea or those who love a maritime theme, this design features light colors and breezy fabrics that encapsulate a beach-inspired look. Stainless steel appliances resistant to rust and corrosion are smart additions, along with a bar-style counter for guests to enjoy a drink as they feel the ocean breeze.

3. Stone Masonry Outdoor Kitchen on Deck

Stone Masonry Outdoor Kitchen on Deck

Combining rustic stone masonry with the natural beauty of a wooden deck, this kitchen is all about rugged sophistication. The stone provides durability and a timeless appeal, while the wood offers warmth and elegance. This design is especially suited for homes that feature extensive wooden accents and aim to maintain a rustic charm.

4. Outdoor Living Patio Design Kitchen Idea

Outdoor living patio design kitchen idea

This design merges a fully functional kitchen with a comfortable living space, creating an ultimate spot for relaxation and entertainment. Incorporating elements like plush seating, a fire pit, and weather-resistant materials, it invites homeowners and their guests to dine and relax in an inviting outdoor setting. Perfect for year-round enjoyment, it makes the most of expansive patios and beautiful landscapes.

5. Stylish Outdoor Kitchen Retreat

Stylish Outdoor Kitchen Retreat

Embrace modern sophistication with this stylish retreat that features high-end appliances and sleek cabinetry. This design utilizes clean lines and minimalist aesthetics to create a space that is not only functional but also a focal point of modern luxury. Stainless steel fixtures and neutral color palettes enhance its contemporary appeal, making it ideal for elegant entertaining.

6. Outdoor Kitchen with Cedar Patio Cover

Outdoor kitchen with cedar patio cover

This kitchen design features a beautiful cedar patio cover that provides natural insulation and a rich, inviting aesthetic. Cedar is known for its durability and resistance to moisture, making it an excellent choice for outdoor environments. The warm tones of the wood complement any backyard and integrate seamlessly with green landscapes, creating a cozy, natural dining area.

7. Covered Patio and Outdoor Kitchen with Stone Details

Covered Patio and Outdoor Kitchen with Stone Details

Highlighting robust stone archways and sleek countertops, this outdoor kitchen is the epitome of rustic elegance under a sturdy covered patio. The use of natural stone not only adds longevity but also adds a classic charm to the cooking area. This setup is perfect for those who appreciate a traditional aesthetic with the durability to withstand the elements.

8. Custom Built Outdoor Kitchen Grill

Custom Built Outdoor Kitchen Grill

Tailor-made for culinary enthusiasts, this design features custom grill stations that cater to gourmet outdoor cooking. Whether it’s a high-performance gas grill or a traditional charcoal setup, each element is designed to offer a unique cooking experience. Additional features like side burners, warming drawers, and integrated cutting boards make these kitchens a chef’s dream.

9. Chopped Stone Outdoor Kitchen Design

Chopped Stone Outdoor Kitchen Design

This design uses uniformly chopped stone to provide a visually appealing facade that blends durability with style. The consistent shape and texture of the stones give the kitchen a neat, organized look while offering a timeless appeal that complements any outdoor setting.

10. Travertine Patio with Outdoor Kitchen

Travertine Patio with Outdoor Kitchen

Features elegant travertine paving that combines luxury with durability. The smooth, durable surface of the travertine makes it a perfect match for high-use areas, providing a stylish kitchen setup that is as functional as it is beautiful. This material reflects natural light beautifully, brightening the space.

11. Outdoor Kitchen & Patio Cover Hangout

Outdoor Kitchen & Patio Cover Hangout

Designed as a multifunctional space, this area includes integrated heating and lighting, making it perfect for year-round use. The patio cover provides shelter, while the well-planned layout encourages relaxation and socialization. It’s a great spot for gatherings, whether for casual meals or special occasions.

12. Granite Countertop Outdoor Kitchen

Granite Countertop Outdoor Kitchen

This kitchen design is marked by modern granite surfaces, ideal for meal preparation. Granite’s resistance to heat and scratches makes it a practical choice for the culinary zone. The polished finish adds a touch of sophistication. It simplifies cleaning while ensuring the area remains hygienic and pristine.

13. Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Setup

Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Setup

This configuration includes a grill, smoker, and ample counter space, perfect for cooking enthusiasts who enjoy preparing a variety of dishes outdoors. The layout facilitates an efficient cooking experience while hosting friends and family, making it ideal for those who love to entertain.

14. Outdoor Kitchen Fit Underneath Shade Structure

Outdoor Kitchen with Fit Underneath Shade Structure

Specially designed to fit under an existing shade structure, this outdoor kitchen maximizes comfort by offering relief from the sun. It integrates seamlessly with the backyard’s current designs, maintaining a cohesive look while adding the convenience of an outdoor cooking area.

15. Outdoor Kitchen with Privacy Wall

Outdoor Kitchen with Privacy Wall

This design enhances privacy with a strategically placed wall that supports climbing plants. The greenery beautifies your space. It also creates a secluded atmosphere, making it a peaceful area for preparing meals and hosting intimate gatherings.

16. Black & White Outdoor Patio Design

Elegant black and white outdoor patio design

Features a chic monochromatic theme with sleek black granite counters contrasted against white cabinets. This modern color scheme is timeless will also elevates your outdoor space. It provides a stylish backdrop for culinary adventures and social events.

17. Outdoor Kitchen on a Covered Deck with Stone Façade

Outdoor kitchen on a covered deck with stone facade

This design beautifully combines rustic stone with warm wood accents for a modern yet traditional look. The stone façade provides a sturdy, weather-resistant exterior while the wood offers a cozy, inviting ambiance. This kitchen is ideal for those who appreciate a blend of contemporary and classic styles in their outdoor living space.

18. Carvestone Custom Emblem and Outdoor Kitchen

Carvestone Custom Emblem and Outdoor Kitchen

Distinguished by a personalized Carvestone emblem, this outdoor kitchen adds a unique touch to the home. The custom emblem can be designed to reflect the homeowner’s interests or family crest, integrating personal flair with the functionality of a high-performance cooking area. This feature will personalizes your space and serves as a conversation starter during gatherings.

19. Outdoor Entertaining Area with Kitchen and Seating

Outdoor Entertaining Area with Kitchen and Seating

Designed for entertainment, this area includes ample seating and a fully equipped kitchen setup. It’s perfect for hosting large groups and facilitates social interaction with features like open layouts and integrated seating options. This setup will make the host to cook and interact with guests simultaneously, enhancing the overall experience.

20. Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Stools and Stone Detailing

Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Stools and Stone Detailing

This setup offers casual dining options with comfortable bar stools set against a backdrop of elegant stone work. The stone detailing provides a rugged contrast to the smooth surfaces of the bar stools, creating a visually appealing environment. It’s ideal for quick meals or relaxing with a drink, providing both beauty and practicality.

21. Outdoor Kitchen with Stamped Concrete Patio

Outdoor kitchen with stamped concrete patio

This design features durable and decorative stamped concrete that adds texture and color to the outdoor kitchen space. Stamped concrete offers versatility in style while being cost-effective and low maintenance. It can mimic higher-end materials like stone or brick and is perfect for creating a unique, customized look that complements any exterior.

22. Cedar Patio Cover & Outdoor Kitchen Combination

Backyard Outdoor kitchen under a cedar patio cover

Integrating a full kitchen setup beneath a sturdy cedar patio cover, this design protects the space from the elements and adds a warm, rustic charm with the natural beauty of cedar wood. The cedar provides natural insulation, making the kitchen area comfortable throughout the year and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the home.

23. Simple Outdoor Kitchen with Stone Façade and Grill Area

Back yard Simple Outdoor Kitchen with Stone Facade and Grill Area

This layout focuses on functionality, featuring a comprehensive grill setup surrounded by a stone façade. The simplicity of the design is its strength, providing all the essentials to cook and entertain without overwhelming the space. It’s ideal for those who want a straightforward, efficient outdoor kitchen that still offers a touch of elegance with stone accents.

24. Custom Stone Outdoor Grill Area

Custom stone outdoor grill area

Tailored for homeowners looking for both aesthetic appeal and functionality, this custom-designed stone grill area is a standout feature. The use of stone ensures durability and resistance to weather conditions. It also enhances the visual appeal of your property. This area is perfect for grill enthusiasts who love to host barbecue dinners and want a permanent, attractive solution that blends seamlessly with their outdoor décor.

25. Backyard Kitchen and Grill Space

Backyard kitchen and grill space

This design features a fully equipped kitchen complete with a dedicated grill space that caters to all your cooking needs. It’s perfect for those who love outdoor dining and wish to have a specialized area for grilling. The layout is designed to accommodate multiple chefs at once, making it ideal for family gatherings and social events.

26. Modern Outdoor Kitchen with Smoker and Granite Countertops

Modern outdoor kitchen with smoker and granite countertops

Boasting modern appliances and robust granite countertops, this kitchen is a chef’s dream. The smoker adds versatility, allowing for a range of cooking techniques from slow-cooked meats to grilled delicacies. The granite is durable and provides a sleek, high-end finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

27. Outdoor Kitchen Under Aluminum Pergola

Outdoor kitchen under an aluminum pergola

This setup includes an aluminum pergola which offers a stylish and durable cover that protects against the elements. The pergola is lightweight yet sturdy, adding a modern touch to the outdoor space while allowing for various lighting installations to enhance the ambiance during evening meals.

28. Decorative Stamped Concrete Finish Backyard Patio Kitchen

Decorative stamped concrete finish backyard patio kitchen

Featuring unique patterns in stamped concrete, this kitchen design combines style with durability. The concrete is weather-resistant and customized with decorative touches that elevate the look of your patio. This option provides a cost-effective yet beautiful flooring solution that complements the outdoor décor.

29. Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area Setup

Full outdoor kitchen setup with a covered patio

This setup combines both cooking and dining areas in one convenient location, making it easy to transition from meal preparation to eating. The design facilitates social interactions and allows the host to entertain guests effortlessly while preparing meals. This arrangement is ideal for those who enjoy close-knit gatherings and want to make the most of their outdoor space.

30. Full Outdoor Kitchen Setup with Covered Patio

Full outdoor kitchen setup with a covered patio

Features a complete kitchen setup under a covered patio, which provides protection from the elements and extends the usability of the space throughout various seasons. This comprehensive setup includes high-end appliances and ample storage, making it perfect for those who take their outdoor cooking seriously.

31. Houston Style Outdoor Kitchen with Cedar Gable Patio Cover

Houston style outdoor kitchen with cedar gable patio cover

Designed with a robust cedar gable cover that complements Houston’s architectural style, this kitchen is both functional and scenic. The cedar adds a rustic charm. It also stands up well against the Texan weather, providing a durable, long-lasting outdoor kitchen space.

32. Outdoor Kitchen Patio Living Area with Firepit

Outdoor kitchen patio living area with a central firepit

This innovative design integrates a kitchen with a living area around a central firepit, creating a warm and inviting space. The firepit is a perfect addition for evening gatherings, providing light and warmth while enhancing the overall ambiance. This layout encourages relaxation and socialization, combining the comforts of a traditional living room with the practicality of an outdoor kitchen.

33. Carvestone Patio and Outdoor Kitchen

Carvestone patio extending into a functional outdoor kitchen area

This design utilizes Carvestone for the patio, which extends seamlessly into a functional kitchen area. Carvestone is known for its durability and versatility in mimicking more expensive materials like stone and pavers at a fraction of the cost. This setup provides a continuous, cohesive look that is both elegant and practical, making it an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a high-end finish without the high-end expense.

34. Outdoor Kitchen with Paver Patio and Grill Station

Outdoor Backyard kitchen with paver patio and grill station

Features a grill station set against a beautifully laid paver patio, creating a distinct and attractive cooking area. The pavers add a classic touch and are laid in a pattern that complements the design of the grill station. This setup not only optimizes the cooking space but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the backyard, making it a perfect spot for both casual family dinners and larger gatherings.

35. Outdoor Kitchen with Travertine Paver Hardscape and Pool Deck

Outdoor kitchen with travertine paver hardscape and pool deck

Connects the kitchen to the pool deck using elegant travertine pavers, creating a smooth transition between the two spaces. The travertine provides a luxurious look and feel, offering durability and slip resistance, which are essential near pool areas. This design beautifully integrates the outdoor kitchen with the leisure areas, making it ideal for pool parties and summer barbecues.

Each of these designs not only caters to cooking and dining needs but also significantly boosts the functionality and enjoyment of outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated setup to entertain guests or a simple and functional cooking area, these ideas provide the flexibility to customize your outdoor living space to your liking.

IV. Backyard Covered Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

Houston style outdoor kitchen with cedar gable patio cover

Customizing an outdoor kitchen can transform a standard space into a personalized retreat that reflects your style and meets your cooking needs. Here are some tips on how to tailor these outdoor kitchen designs to fit your personal taste and backyard dimensions:

1. Assess Your Space

Before anything else, understand the dimensions you’re working with. Measure the area to ensure the design fits well within your space without overcrowding it. Think about how you’ll move in the space, where you will prep, cook, and clean. A good flow will make your cooking experience more efficient and enjoyable.

2. How to Choose a Backyard Covered Outdoor Kitchen Design Theme

Align your outdoor kitchen’s style with your home’s existing architecture and interior design. This creates a cohesive look and feel from indoors to outdoors. Incorporate elements that reflect your personal style, whether it’s a rustic look with reclaimed wood or a sleek modern design with stainless steel features.

3. Select Materials Wisely

Opt for materials that are not only stylish but also durable and suited for all weather conditions. Natural stone, stainless steel, and waterproof woods like teak or cedar are great choices. Choose materials that complement each other. For instance, a travertine paver patio might pair well with a dark granite countertop.

4. Plan for Utilities

Ensure that your design allows easy access to electricity, water, and gas. This might mean situating your kitchen near existing lines to minimize construction. Always consider safety in your designs, especially regarding the placement of grills and smokers relative to flammable materials.

5. Incorporate Flexible Seating Options

Include various seating options such as bar stools for casual dining and lounge chairs for relaxation. Consider retractable options or furniture that can be rearranged as needed. You should utilize foldable or multi-purpose furniture to maximize space, especially if the kitchen is in a smaller area.

6. Lighting and Ambiance

Combining functional lighting for cooking and food prep areas with ambient lighting will create a welcoming atmosphere. LED strips, solar, or low-voltage landscape lights are practical choices. Integrate lights that offer dimming options to adjust the mood for different occasions, from bright for cooking to subdued for romantic dinners.

7. Smart Technology Integration

Consider the latest in outdoor kitchen technology, such as smart grills that can be controlled via smartphone. Add entertainment features like outdoor speakers, a flat-screen TV protected against the elements, or a Wi-Fi extender to enhance the functionality and enjoyment of your outdoor space.

8. Add Protective Elements

Depending on your climate, include a durable cover like a pergola or retractable awning to protect against sun and rain. This can extend the usability of your kitchen to more months in the year. In cooler climates, consider integrating outdoor heaters or a fire pit to keep the area comfortable in chillier months.

9. Decor and Accents

Soften the look of your outdoor kitchen with greenery that enhances the space and complements the overall design. Decorative accents like rugs, throw pillows, and art pieces can tie the entire space together. Use items like outdoor clocks, weather stations, and decorative but functional lighting fixtures to add character and charm without sacrificing functionality.

10. Consider Future Needs

Design your outdoor kitchen so it can be easily upgraded or expanded in the future. Space for additional appliances, storage, or seating can be crucial as your needs evolve.

By incorporating these customization tips, you can create a covered outdoor kitchen that not only boosts your home’s appeal and usability but also becomes a favorite gathering spot for family and friends, reflecting your personal style and culinary needs.

V. Material and Build Considerations

Outdoor Entertaining Area with Kitchen and Seating

When designing an back yard outdoor kitchen, selecting the right materials is crucial not only for the kitchen’s functionality but also for its longevity and aesthetic integration with the rest of your home. Here are some considerations for choosing between stone, wood, and granite, three of the most popular materials for outdoor kitchens:


  • Advantages:
  • Durability: Highly durable and can withstand various weather conditions without deteriorating.
  • Maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to mold, mildew, and staining when properly sealed.
  • Aesthetics: Offers a natural, rugged look that can complement any outdoor environment.
  • Considerations:
  • Cost: Generally more expensive than some other materials due to the labor involved in quarrying and transporting heavy stone.
  • Installation: Requires professional installation, especially for heavy or complex designs.
  • Heat Retention: Stone can retain heat, which may be a benefit in cooler climates but a drawback in very hot weather.


  • Advantages:
  • Visual Warmth: Adds a warm, inviting look to any outdoor space.
  • Versatility: Available in a variety of types and finishes, and can be painted or stained to match any decor.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally less expensive than stone and some types of granite.
  • Considerations:
  • Maintenance: Needs to be regularly sealed and treated to prevent rot, warping, and damage from insects.
  • Durability: Less durable than stone or granite, especially in very humid or wet climates.
  • Fire Risk: Wood is combustible, so care must be taken with placement of grills and smokers.


  • Advantages:
  • Strength: Extremely strong and durable, with excellent scratch and heat resistance.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and requires sealing less frequently than other natural stone options.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Provides a sleek, high-end look with unique patterns and colors available.
  • Considerations:
  • Cost: Can be expensive, particularly for higher quality slabs.
  • Weight: Very heavy, requiring a strong support base and potentially more complex installation.
  • Coldness: Can be cold to the touch, which might be unwelcome in cooler weather.

Each material offers unique benefits and challenges, so consider your climate, budget, and use case when choosing the best materials for your outdoor kitchen. Mixing and matching materials, for example, using stone for durability in high-use areas and wood accents for visual warmth, can give you the best of both worlds.

VI. Backyard Covered Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Elegant black and white outdoor patio design

We have explored a diverse array of covered outdoor kitchen designs, each offering unique benefits and suited to different tastes and backyard sizes. From the rustic charm of stone masonry kitchens to the sleek sophistication of modern granite-topped spaces, these ideas highlight the creative possibilities for enhancing your outdoor living areas.

We encourage you to blend functionality with aesthetics when planning your outdoor kitchen. A well-designed outdoor kitchen should not only make cooking enjoyable but also create a welcoming space for entertaining and relaxation. With the right design and materials, your outdoor kitchen can become a central part of your home’s social life, providing enjoyment and value for years to come.

Whether you opt for a fully-equipped culinary setup complete with high-tech appliances or a simple grill station surrounded by natural beauty, there’s an outdoor kitchen design to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Start planning your dream outdoor kitchen today and prepare to transform your backyard into a beautiful and functional retreat for family and friends.

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