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5 Reasons Why Your Foundation is the Most Important Part of Your Home

Most people assume that the most important part of their home is the roof. While your roof is the component that protects you from the elements, it’s not the only one that keeps you safe. The foundation is what supports your home and bears the weight. Without a solid base underneath, it’s only a matter of time until you experience some serious damage to the structure. The foundation is also one of the areas of your home that needs to be done right the first time because if something goes wrong during the construction, it’s not always easy to fix. To say the least, it’s always worth the time and effort to ensure the foundation is done right and to industry standards. Here are just a few reasons why you should switch your focus to your foundation and ensure it’s structurally sound.

Why Foundation is the Most Important Part of Your Home

Supports Your Home

The foundation is buried in the ground underneath your home. Its primary purpose is to hold your house up. Without it, your house would quickly sink into the ground unevenly, resulting in cracks and damage to your home. A properly built foundation will keep the home even and supported, even during a flood or earthquake. But building a good foundation requires more than just digging into the ground and pouring the concrete. It has to be properly tailored to the site. This involves taking into account the geology, soil conditions, water table, and even the backfill. The base also needs to be properly set, compacted just right, while containing the proper materials to ensure that it can hold the weight of your home and support it, even when the ground below changes.

Resists Movement

Natural forces are always at work. Soil moisture levels frequently change, temperature fluctuations impact the soil conditions, tectonic plates move below, and water tables can be altered below your home at any time. If your home is not anchored to a foundation, it can crack, break apart or even be washed away by the natural forces at work. A sturdy foundation can resist any seasonal movement that happens below and around your home. It will transfer the structure’s load to the underlying soil or rock to prevent excess settlement or movement. 

Insulates Your Home

Another reason why the foundation is the most important part of your home is that it can offer insulating properties to keep your home warm, even in the brisk cold Canadian climate. In fact, a properly insulated basement can save you a ton of money on heating bills. If your current foundation does not have insulation already installed, it can be added to the exterior or interior to reduce heat loss.  Optimal insulation placement varies by climate, so it’s always best to talk to a local masonry professional if you’re looking to energy proof your current home or build a new one.

Keeps Moisture Out

Your home can be damaged by various factors, but moisture is the one you really need to look out for. Moisture can quickly weaken and compromise your home’s structure. When water collects around your home from rain and snow, it saturates the soil. Tree and plant roots can also distribute water from above ground through the soil and towards your home. This can cause the soil to expand and shift, putting pressure on your foundation. A sturdy foundation and good drainage will keep the water out of your basement, keeping your home dry no matter the weather conditions. Damp proofing a foundation wall can also prevent moisture from passing through the concrete walls into the interior basement space. Keeping water and moisture out from your basement will keep your home free of any toxic mold and structural damage. 

Prevents Insect Infiltration

A strong and contained foundation will keep all the bugs and critters out of your home that live under the soil. It will also separate the wood framing from the termites on the ground that can wreak havoc. Without the proper foundation, your home will be vulnerable to insects that can cause some serious damages.

Your home will not last very long without the right foundation. And even when you have the proper foundation in place, even small cracks or signs of separation can indicate bigger problems that could threaten the safety of your home. Many people neglect and forget to inspect and repair their foundation, resulting in costly repairs down the road. The bottom line is you need to hire an expert who knows what they are doing to inspect your home and detect any early warning signs of water damage, pest infestation, poor installation work, and structural damage. Call us today at GWS Masonry and we’ll come and examine your foundation to ensure that it’s both structurally sound and safe.

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