Top 12 fireplace trends of 2019

In 2019, fireplaces not only warmed homes but also brought a unique blend of style and comfort. This year’s trends married traditional charm with modern innovation, creating spaces that felt both cozy and contemporary. From big, bold designs to eco-friendly options, these fireplaces were about more than heat; they were central to a home’s character and ambiance.

Big and Bold Designs of fireplace

2019 saw a rise in big and bold fireplace designs, making a grand statement in any living space. These fireplaces, often oversized, became the room’s focal point, offering not just warmth but also a strong visual impact.

Their size and presence bring a sense of luxury and comfort, making the space more inviting. The large, open hearths of these fireplaces create a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for gathering around during chilly evenings.

Linear Design of fireplace

The linear design trend in fireplaces brought a sleek and modern touch to homes. These fireplaces, characterized by their long, horizontal shape, add a contemporary elegance to any room.

Their streamlined form fits seamlessly into various interior styles, from minimalistic to more traditional settings, enhancing the overall coziness. The simplicity of the linear design creates a soothing ambiance, perfect for relaxing beside on cool nights.

Design Flexibility of fireplace

Design flexibility in fireplaces became increasingly popular, allowing homeowners to personalize their spaces with unique materials and finishes. The use of warm, inviting materials like wood around the fireplace not only adds to the aesthetic but also brings a natural, cozy feel to the room.

This trend sees fireplaces being integrated into the decor in creative ways, such as wood finishes that complement the room’s design, making the fireplace an integral part of the home’s warmth and charm.

Double-Sided Fireplaces

Double-sided fireplaces emerged as a striking trend, offering a unique way to spread warmth and style across multiple areas. Perfect for open-concept homes, they serve as a central feature that can be enjoyed from different rooms.

This design not only enhances the visual connectivity between spaces but also ensures a consistent flow of warmth, making each area feel cozy and linked. These fireplaces create a sense of openness while still providing the comfort of a traditional hearth, bridging two spaces with their warmth and inviting glow.

Statement Mantels of fireplace trends of 2019

2019 saw the rise of statement mantels, allowing homeowners to express their personal style while adding warmth to their living space. These mantels became more than just a part of the fireplace; they turned into a canvas for creativity and personalization.

From rustic wood to sleek marble, the materials and designs varied widely, offering numerous possibilities to reflect individual tastes. Cozy decor elements like family photos, art pieces, or seasonal decorations on these mantels made the fireplace area more inviting and personalized, turning it into a focal point of the room.

Outdoor Fireplaces trends of 2019

The trend of outdoor fireplaces brought the cozy atmosphere of the indoors to outdoor living spaces. These fireplaces became central features in patios and gardens, extending the home’s living area and creating a perfect spot for gatherings and relaxation.

Durable materials like stone and stainless steel were commonly used to withstand the elements. The design of these outdoor fireplaces focused on creating a warm and inviting area, often accompanied by comfortable seating and ambient lighting, making outdoor spaces an all-year-round retreat.

Modern Gas Fireplaces

Modern gas fireplaces in 2019 seamlessly combined efficiency with a cozy ambiance, becoming a favorite in contemporary homes. These fireplaces offered the warmth of traditional fireplaces with the convenience of modern technology. The design elements, such as sleek lines and customizable finishes, contributed to their warm atmosphere.

Many of these models featured realistic flame effects and the ability to control the temperature, ensuring a cozy environment that’s also energy-efficient. The versatility in design, from wall-mounted to freestanding units, allowed these fireplaces to integrate smoothly into various interior styles, adding a touch of modern coziness to any space.

Eco-Friendly fireplace trends of 2019

Eco-friendly fireplace designs gained significant traction in 2019, catering to the environmentally conscious homeowner. These fireplaces were designed to provide warmth and comfort without compromising environmental values. They included high-efficiency gas or electric models that minimized emissions and materials like recycled metal or eco-friendly paints.

The focus was on reducing carbon footprint while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. The use of these eco-friendly materials and technologies not only contributed to a greener home but also added a natural, warm aesthetic to the living spaces, aligning comfort with sustainability.

Minimalist Fires

Minimalist fireplaces stood out in 2019 for their ability to create a peaceful and cozy environment with their understated elegance. These designs focused on simplicity and functionality, featuring clean lines and a clutter-free appearance. The minimalist approach often involved sleek, geometric shapes and a neutral color palette, enhancing the sense of tranquility and comfort in a room.

This trend was about more than just aesthetics; it was about creating a serene space where the warmth and simplicity of the fireplace invited relaxation and calm. The minimalist fireplaces were often the centerpiece of a room, providing warmth and style without overwhelming the space.

Electric fireplaces trends

Electric fireplaces in 2019 offered unparalleled convenience, instantly creating a cozy atmosphere with the flick of a switch. These fireplaces were ideal for various home settings due to their ease of installation and use. They required no venting and could be placed in any room, making them a versatile option for adding warmth.

The realistic flame effects, often with adjustable brightness, added to the ambiance without the hassle of wood or gas. The design of these electric fireplaces ranged from traditional to ultra-modern, catering to different interior styles while providing the comfort and coziness of a traditional fireplace.

Handcrafted Designs

Handcrafted fireplace designs brought a unique and warm touch to homes in 2019. These bespoke fireplaces, often made with artisanal techniques, offered a level of personalization and craftsmanship unmatched by mass-produced models. They featured custom elements like hand-forged iron doors or individually carved mantels, reflecting the homeowner’s personal style.

The use of natural materials like stone or wood in these designs added a rustic, cozy feel to the space. Each handcrafted fireplace was a statement piece, imbued with the warmth and character of its craftsmanship, making the living space more inviting and personal.

Remote-Controlled Fireplaces

Remote-controlled fireplaces represented a blend of comfort, convenience, and modern technology in 2019. These fireplaces allowed users to adjust settings like temperature and flame height from the comfort of their couch, adding to the overall coziness of the space.

Features like programmable timers and adjustable heat settings made it easier to create the perfect ambiance and temperature. This trend catered to the desire for both a warm, inviting atmosphere and the convenience of modern living. The ability to control the fireplace remotely was not just a luxury; it became an integral part of creating a comfortable and cozy living environment.

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